Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holidays 2008

Cass and Ethan on NYE. Elijah rockin' in the New Year.

Ethan parties!

Christmas Eve 2008.

Trey, Great Grandma Donaldson, and the boys.
The Donaldson family chose to spend a quiet holiday season at home this year. As I type "quiet", I am chuckling on the inside. Quiet is relative with 2 almost 3 year old boys. Trey's grandmother was in town over Christmas, so we all got to spend a bit of time with her. It was neat to see the kids get some time with their great-grandmother. We attended Christmas Eve service at our church, First Baptist Mansfield, and the kids did pretty well. We drove around and looked at Christmas lights. The boys loved this activity and got really excited when the lights were on "their side" of the car. Christmas morning is a blur of wrapping paper and ribbon. The kids had a great time and Mom and Dad enjoyed watching them play.
We stayed in for New Year's Eve also. Grandma and Grandpa came over and the kids stayed up late (til about 10). We ate snacks and watched TV. The kids loved blowing on the party horns and putting party hats on Grandma, Grandpa, and Daddy. Altogether, it was a really sweet holiday and we hope to have many more in the future!

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Jill and Scott said...

Caleb particularly enjoyed the "lights" this year too! He is still saying, "see lights" every time we get in the car . . . he hasn't realized Christmas is over yet. (Could be because we are still trying to work on putting all of our Christmas decorations away inside the house - January has started off being sooo busy so far!)