Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Special Gift

This past weekend was a lot of fun. Mom, Dad, and Andrew were in town for a visit. We threw a birthday party for the boys and celebrated my birthday and Dad's birthday, too. Mom and Dad did a really sweet thing for my birthday present. They got me a nice, fluffy robe, which is cool (or rather warm). But, the sweet part is that Mom put together two picture albums for me. They contain pictures from my growing up years and also of Mom, Dad, Andrew, and Timi, and other family. I LOVE to look at pictures. They just never get old to me. I look through the kids albums all of the time and have made a habit of looking at our wedding album each time I dust the chest on which it is displayed. Their gift just proves how much my mom knows me. She gave me a gift that I couldn't put a price on and helped me to remember sweet childhood times on a day that we often reflect on days past. Thank you, Mommy for your thoughtful gift and for the simple, but profound joy I will feel every time I flip through the pages of those albums.