Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I know...I know. You're thinking, "She's seriously going to do a post on New Year's Resolutions?!?" Well, yes I am. I actually have a few this year that I am pretty sure I can make good on. So, here goes...

My first resolution has to do with yarn (of course). I resolve that in 2011 I will complete at least one pattern from each of my knit/crochet pattern books/booklets/magazines/etc. As a part 2 of this resolution, I resolve that if I do not use stash yarn to complete a pattern, then I will do a separate project using stash yarn before moving on to the next pattern. I cheated a bit on this resolution and did a dishcloth from one of my books, using stash yarn, before the New Year officially started. I am currently working on a scarf, also using stash yarn, from a different pattern book. So, I am well on my way to completing this resolution. Yea!!!

Resolution number two is really the most important. I resolve to read more scripture and spend more time in prayer this year than I did last year. I want for my life to line up with God's will. I desire His direction and blessings in my life and I realize that these are given when they are sought after through Bible study and prayer. I know that if I keep this resolution it will make me a better wife, better mother, better daughter, better friend, and most importantly a better reflection of Christ to the world.

My final resolution is to resume the running that I started back in August of 2010. I was doing so well for a time there and I want to get back into the groove. I don't want to resolve to "lose weight" or "eat better". Those two are so generic and it's so easy to fall away from them and get discouraged. With the running, I know that I will "enjoy" it and I remember the sense of accomplishment that I felt last fall. Additionally, I have several friends who will participate with me and offer encouragement.

So, there you have it. I have made my resolutions. Now, to get busy accomplishing my goals. I need to spend less time on the couch and more time on my knees and in my running shoes. And, of course, always with needles (or hook) in hand. :)