Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Funny Conversation with Cass

Upon seeing chocolate on Cassie's face after picking her up from school.

Mommy: "Cass, what's on your face?"
Cass: "Chocolate ice cream."
Mommy: "Where did you have ice cream?"
Cass: "At school."
Mommy: "Who gave it to you?"
Cass: "The lunch lady."
Mommy: "Cassie, that isn't free ice cream! (each student has an account) How often are you getting ice cream?"
Cass: "Everyday."
Mommy: "Did you eat all of the carrots I sent in your lunch today?"
Cass: "No."
Mommy: "How many did you eat?"

Cass holds up her hand forming a zero with her thumb and fingers.

Mommy: "What did you do with the carrots?!?!"
Cass: "Threw them in the trash."
Mommy: "How often do you throw your carrots away?"
Cass: "Everyday."

As Mommy dials Daddy's number while stifling a laugh, Cassie pulls out her Amount Due $4.53 notice from the kind, ice cream wielding lunch lady.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh Snow!

North Texas is covered in a white blanket this morning. It is beautiful and I love the quiet created by snowfall. I admit that I have been a bit jealous of my Virginia friends and family. They have been blasted by snow this winter. While I don't envy all of the hardships that massive amounts of snow cause (power outages, shopping craziness, and traffic snarls), I do miss enjoying the fun that snow can bring. I long to let the kids enjoy snowballs and snowmen and especially sledding. My mom and Dad have the best sledding hill and I have fond childhood memories of gliding down the snow-covered hill with the cold wind tangling my hair. So, today, I'll watch the snow fall here in Mansfield and sip a hot cup of tea and remember those snowy, winter days of long ago and be thankful!

Password Snafu

Back in January, I decided to add a few posts to my blog, but discovered I had forgotten my log in and password. As a result, I started a new blog and made two new posts. Well, of course, when I recently went to log back in, I forgot the new info but was able to access my old blog. So.... here are my January posts for you reading pleasure. :)

Fusion Wisdom (posted 1/6/2010)

Today, at Fusion, we talked briefly about the Transfiguration. This passage of scripture (Matt. 17:1-13) has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I thought it was maybe another showing of God's power or another example of Christ's Deity. In Bible study, is was described as a "Mountaintop Experience". It was indeed on a mountaintop and we also discussed the "Mountaintop Experiences" of both Moses and Elijah. We talked about the idea that this was a time of preparation for Jesus' days ahead. I started thinking about my times on the "mountaintop" and that I always want to stay there. The "mountaintop" is a place where I feel so close to God, worship comes easily, distractions are minimal, and direction seems clear. But, what are these "mountaintop experiences" preparing me for? That should be the question that I am asking myself. Am I allowing God to prepare me for His work, or am I just basking in His glow? Is the "mountaintop" about how I feel and what I need, or am I making it about Him? When I leave the "mountaintop", can the people I come in contact with tell that I have been there? Am I outwardly changed by my time on the mountaintop with God?

Leaving a Legacy (posted 1/10/2010)

This morning, our MOPS speaker spoke on Leaving a legacy. This topic has been weighing on my mind as of late. I have been questioning how I appear to the people around me. My kids? My husband? My in-laws and parents? People in the grocery store? My friends? What legacy do they see me passing on? Am I the frazzled, distracted, impatient mom? Or, am I the soft place for my kids to fall? Am I the wife who unloads on her husband as soon as he walks through the door? Or, am I a calm and listening ear? Who do strangers see when they come into contact with me? And, my friends? Am I an encouragement to them? Most importantly, do others see Christ in me? Am I passing on a legacy of faith?

My hope in the coming year is to strengthen that legacy. I want people to know by my words and actions that I am a Christian. I want to pass that baton of faith to my children and our unsaved friends and family. I want people to see love, kindness, hope, peace, and joy when they see me, and I want them to that all of those traits are a result of my relationship with Christ. If I can reflect that, then my legacy will be lasting and beautiful.