Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Funny Conversation with Cass

Upon seeing chocolate on Cassie's face after picking her up from school.

Mommy: "Cass, what's on your face?"
Cass: "Chocolate ice cream."
Mommy: "Where did you have ice cream?"
Cass: "At school."
Mommy: "Who gave it to you?"
Cass: "The lunch lady."
Mommy: "Cassie, that isn't free ice cream! (each student has an account) How often are you getting ice cream?"
Cass: "Everyday."
Mommy: "Did you eat all of the carrots I sent in your lunch today?"
Cass: "No."
Mommy: "How many did you eat?"

Cass holds up her hand forming a zero with her thumb and fingers.

Mommy: "What did you do with the carrots?!?!"
Cass: "Threw them in the trash."
Mommy: "How often do you throw your carrots away?"
Cass: "Everyday."

As Mommy dials Daddy's number while stifling a laugh, Cassie pulls out her Amount Due $4.53 notice from the kind, ice cream wielding lunch lady.

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