Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Random Things

This started on Facebook and Jill brought it to Bloggspot. My 25 things in my blog might be different than my 25 on facebook. It is a new day, so here goes.

1. I love Jesus. He's just awesome. I love the church I am a member of right now and think that God is just doing great things through his faithful people here in Mansfield.

2. I have really started to enjoy cooking. Food Network is a favorite channel of mine and I am a Paula Dean and Rachel Ray junkie. Pampered Chef is also becoming a bit of an obsession.

3. My family is so cool. Trey is my BFF :) and it is a pleasure to be a mom to Cassandra, Ethan, and Elijah.

4. Trey and I are really hoping to adopt someday and I am thinking that we better get the process started soon. We are leaning towards international adoption and maybe, more specifically China.

5. Reading is a passion of mine. My favorite fiction book of all time is "To Kill a Mockingbird". I've taken to reading the Bible more recently and am amazed over and over again how applicable it is to my everyday life.

6. I secretly love teeny bopper movies like HSM, Mean Girls, etc. I even made Trey take my to see Twilight in the theaters. (See, he really is my BFF.)

7. I work part time at Fashion Bug and love it because it is more quiet there than at my house.

8. I love Target and dread shopping at Walmart. Target is cleaner, has nicer employees, and is just plain better. Having a Starbucks in-store is also a plus.

9. There is no such thing as too much coffee!!!

10. Trey and I took our Honeymoon at Disney World and I can't wait to go back with the kids.

11. I realized recently that Trey and I have only taken vacation without visiting family for our Honeymoon and we need to take more trips as just the two of us. (Good thing we live so close to grandma and grandpa.)

12. I think I am becoming a Texan. (SHHH! Don't tell anyone.) I am starting to kinda love it down here.

13. That being said, I'll always be a Virginian, too. After all VA is for Lovers. The weather is great up there. And no, trees are not overrated. They are beautiful and who cares if you have to rake leaves every weekend for 2 months straight.

14. I recently joined the choir at church and am really enjoying it. It's nice to sing somewhere other than the car and the shower.

15. Being a mom of twins is so cool. I secretly love when people ask about them and talk about how amazing it is that they look so different. What girl doesn't like a little attention, even if it is just for baking the most beautiful babies in the world.

16. I am addicted to TV. I like too many shows to pick a favorite. Some of my DVR'd shows are LOST, 24, House, Secret Life, and Bones.

17. I have discovered that 5 year olds talk about more random things than even me. I may go off on random tangents, but 5 year olds just pull stuff out of the air.

18. I have become more politically outspoken as I have gotten older and begun a family. I just want my kids to be able to take care of themselves and live free someday!

19. I have a celebrity crush on Shia LaBouf. He's like 12 and kinda goofy, but I think he's a doll.

20. Trey and I like to watch the first few episodes of American Idol to laugh at the rejects. After that, we switch back to our regularly scheduled programming.

21. I love hugs. If you see me and know me even a little bit, give me a hug. I'll hug you back. (If we don't know each other at all, please don't invade my personal space.)

22. It drives me crazy when Trey or Cass leave the lights on. Do we really need lights on in rooms that no one is occupying?

23. Almost 3 year old boys have tons of energy and are amazingly loud. Where does their energy come from and how do I tap into it?

24. Trey and I like to window shop and even enjoy taking the kids with us. I can pull two shopping carts, with a 5 year old, two 3 year olds, and a 5 month old in tow, through Target all by myself. It makes me feel like SuperMom. :)

25. I am learning that laundry is a never ending task. I don't know how my mom got all of her laundry and ironing done on the weekends. She is amazing and apparently didn't pass those genes on to me. My laundry is sometimes a daily task. Poor Trey wears wrinkled shirts more often than not.


Jeanette said...

Hey, enjoyed reading your list! Girl, we've got some things in common...I also am a FAN of FoodNetwork. Do you watch "Everyday Italian"? It's my current fav.

And, coffee...yeah, coffee....

Alyssia said...

I do like "Everyday Italian". Her recipes always look so tasty.