Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mainstay Farm

We went to Mainstay Farm today for some Fall fun with our Life Group class. We had a lot of fun chasing the kids around to all of the different activities. They had a long hay ride, a 3 story tree house, a wooden maze, and lots of other fun stuff. The kids had a blast and were totally worn out by the time we got home.

On the hay ride, the farmer told us about naming the farm Mainstay. He and his wife purchased the farmland almost 20 years ago and weren't sure what to do with it. They decided to farm Christmas Trees and went to a Christmas Tree farming conference. There they learned that the piece of wood that you tie the seedling to is called a mainstay. The mainstay marks the baby tree so that you can find it when the grass gets high, offers support so that the tree will grow straight, and it protects the seedling when storms come. He compared the mainstay for the trees to Christ as our Mainstay. From the moment that we accept Him, He marks us as His own. He disciplines and guides us with His Spirit and He protects our hearts when we face the storms of life.

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Jill and Scott said...

Looks like it was a fun family time! What a neat name and meaning!