Monday, October 20, 2008

Love and Logic

We had another MOPS meeting this morning and it was great. I really recommend that any of you moms out there with kids younger than grade school age find a group near you. Anyhow, our speaker this morning presented on "Love and Logic". It's a parenting movement spearheaded by Jim Fay and it is pretty cool. Trey has read up on it and really likes the ideas. It is all about maintaining your sanity while raising your kids to be responsible, productive, caring members of society. Some of the ideas are using one liners like "That's sad." and "I know" as responses when your kids complain. Another is to put off punishment until you've calmed down by telling your child, "We are going to discuss this, but not right now. We'll talk later. Try not to worry.". Generally it's about using as few words as possible, since lectures and yelling seem to be ineffective anyway. Check it out at

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