Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

Thursday has rolled around again, so here goes...

My high for the week is that we started Fusion yesterday. Fusion is a 23 week study of the book of Matthew. I am so excited and hope this study will help me to be more consistent with daily quiet time. Jeanette is teaching the study and there are plenty of gals that I know also attending. There are lots of new faces too, and I am excited to get to know more great ladies.

My low for the week... I don't know. It's been a fairly good week. I guess I still don't feel like I am quite in the swing of things with Cass back in school and Gracie with us during the day. I think I sometimes feel overwhelmed, and I tend to do nothing instead of working on the long list of things that need to be done around the house. Definitely something to work on over the next several weeks.

Again, Thank you for your Church, these sweet and tender and open people that you have placed in our lives. They reflect Your light so radiantly! Thank you also for this study and please renew my desire for studying your word daily. Father, also, please help me to get "back into the swing of things". You know, Lord, how I tend to allow myself to be distracted. Help me to be a better, more patient wife and mommy and to take joy in the tasks that I face each day.

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