Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Prayer for Our Country

On this Election day, it seems especially important that the faithful remnant of Christ-followers be in prayer. I thought I would offer up a prayer here in my blog.

Our Father,

Please be with our country today, Lord. Prod Your children to get out and vote their moral and spiritual consciences. Remind us that You are ultimately in control of our lives, but don't allow us to use that as an excuse to remain quiet, stationary, and complacent. We live in an age where our country is facing the consequences of turning away from You. Let us, as Christians, be salt and light. Let us use our voices, both vocally and with our vote, to proclaim You as God! Let us be fervent in our prayer lives and let us show Christ's love to the world through our actions and words. Ultimately, let us give You the Glory in all that we say and do. Watch over and protect us this day and always.

In the precious, powerful, restoring name of Jesus,

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